Sunday School

Our Sunday School department is in charge of the classes for ages 5-18 on Sunday mornings. These classes are designed to help teach our children about Jesus and living a Christian lifestyle.

The church stays together during song service. Afterwards, the classes are dismissed.

One class is designed for our younger ages, 5-11. This class focuses on learning the Word of God through activities, coloring, storytelling, and more.

The other class is designed for those 12-18. This class if structured for learning the Word of God through discussion and talking about the stories that bring the moral lessons to life for the young adults.

Sunshine Committee

When visiting Church of ACTS for the first time, our hospitality team will make sure to greet you and offer a Visitor Card. This card helps us to connect with you after your visit. We do not use this information to solicit or pressure, but simply to reach out. Along with the Visitor Card, you'll also receive a Welcome Bag from us with some great goodies that will let you know more about us and what we believe. The Church of ACTS has a foundation built on God's love and truly believe that all are welcome.

Women of Worship (WOW)

The Women of Worship (WOW) is the Church of ACTS' Ladies Ministry. Our ladies get together regularly for breakfasts, shopping trips, Bible study, and more. If you're looking for a great group of ladies that support each other and their walk with God, look no further. For more information, email us at